About Us

Welcome to Dunk-N-Munch.  We have been an established breakfast/lunch place for 15 years in Fall River.  Inocensio Santos founded Dunk n Munch 15 years ago as he was trying to open up a coffee shop and donut place.  He and his wife Marylou are from the Azores.  They have 2 children, Jesse and Sandy.  Jesse and Sandy were involved with the business from the beginning.   As the years went by with the blessing of his family and father, Jesse started to convert the coffee shop to a breakfast and lunch establishment.  It was always his vision to expand to more than a coffee shop.  And his vision then became a reality.  After that, he became extremely motivated.  He was on a mission to become one of the areas best breakfast/lunch restaurants.  Now the restaurant is a full-family restaurant with multiple locations and everyone in the family is involved.  Inocensio, Mary Lou, Jesse, his wife Michelle, Sandy, and her husband Tony all look to give you the best service we can offer and hope that you come visit one of our locations.  Our biggest values are quality of food and quick service.

Dunk N Munch is one of the first of its kind in the breakfast industry. Delivering breakfast has never been an idea that has spread. We wanted to change that and we have. We take pride in top notch delivery service as well as our dine in service. If you ever have complaint or a compliment, make sure you contact us. We love Fall River and our business wouldn’t be where it is without our customers. Make sure to follow us on facebook and twitter! Hope you give us a try and dont forget “munch it love it”!!!!